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We are now 598 Members from 81 different countries.

Latest member: Andrew Ryder from Nantwich, United Kingdom.

Forthcoming meetings

27th European Congress of Pathology / Serbia
5 Sep 2015 − 9 Sep 2015

17th European Society for Organ Transplantation Congress 2015 / Belgium
13 Sep 2015 − 16 Sep 2015

Joint Banff/Canadian Society of Transplantation Meeting 2015 / Canada
5 Oct 2015 − 10 Oct 2015

Latest meeting lectures

Goodpasture's Syndrome With Concomitant Immune Complex Mixed Membranous and Proliferative Glomerulonefritis

Haemolytic ureamic syndrome (HUS)

Lipoprotein glomerulopathy

Training Courses in Nephropathology 2015

9. European Renal Pathology Course

Date June 9-12, 2015
Duration 4 days
Registration deadline -
Place Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Organizers S. Florquin and J.J. Roelofs
Language English
Supported by ERA-EDTA Council for Accreditation, International Society of Nephrology
Number of participants 40
Topic (native kidney disease / Tx) Native kidney diseases, kidney transplant pathology
Level (basic/advanced) basic/advanced
Participation fee € 900,- for pathologists and nephrologists
€ 650,- for residents/students/participants from developing countries
Credits (EU/ US) -
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Basel Seminars: Renal Transplant Pathology, Hands-on Course 2015

Date June 29 – July 2, 2015
Duration 4 days
Registration deadline Febuary 25, 2015
Place Basel, Switzerland
Organizers H. Hopfer
Language English
Supported by
Number of participants 12
Topic (native kidney disease / Tx) Kidney transplant pathology
Level (basic/advanced) advanced
Participation fee € 700
Credits (EU/ US) 18
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International Summer School of Renal Pathology 2015

Date July 20 – 31, 2015
Duration 14 days
Registration deadline -
Place Bari, Italy
Organizers L.Barisoni, L.Gesualdo,S. Seshan
Language English
Supported by RPS, ISN, ERA-EDTA
Number of participants -
Topic (native kidney disease / Tx) Native kidney diseases, transplant pathology and molecular nephropathology
Level (basic/advanced)
Participation fee € 3750,-
Credits (EU/ US) -
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