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We are now 580 Members from 86 different countries.

Latest member: Dr. Hirra Iftikhar from Lahore, Pakistan.

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Infectious tubulointerstitial disease (Wesam Ismail)

Slide seminar: Hypocomplementemic urticarial vasculitis (Amélie Dendooven)

Slide seminar: AA amyloidosis secondary to IgG4 disease (Marian Clahsen-van Groningen)

Consultation by iPath

iPath is a software program developed at the Institute for Pathology at Basel University. iPath is a collaborative platform for exchange of medical knowledge, remote consultations, group discussions and online teaching in medicine.

In the case of diagnostic problems, you can immediately use iPath under the same password, when you are already registered in our member’s list. Otherwise, you must first register and get a password. You can upload pictures and text files. Renal cases will be discussed by one or more experts of the group of nephropathologists and the experts of your choice from our member list. The turn around time will not be longer than one week. As soon as the experts made their comments, you will be informed by mail.

The document below shows how to register at the iPath system.
Please follow the given instruction to get your iPath account.

iPath guide (DOC / 153.5 KB)