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Requirements for the «Certification of training and expertise in Nephropatholgy» (modified by MJM) Renal Pathology Society, USA

  1. A candidate must have successfully completed a residency training program in anatomic pathology in an accredited institution (i.e. he or she must be board’s eligible or must have passed the board’s examination in anatomic pathology)
  2. He or she must receive one year of additional structured and supervised training in a fellowship program with at least 300 renal biopsy specimens per annum.
  3. (Alternative path): He or she can have supervised sign-out responsibilities in a center with at least 150 renal biopsy specimens per annum over 3 years (in close cooperation with an experienced nephropathologist).
  4. After the initial 1 (or alternatively 3) year training period in nephropathology, a candidate must have continuous sign-out responsibilities for at least 150 cases per annum.
  5. Additional requirements:
    1. A center for nephropathology must evaluate more than 150 specimens per year with an adequate percentage of pediatric and allograft biopsies.
    2. A center specialized in nephropathology must have adequate capabilities for immunohistochemical, immunofluorescence and electron microscopic studies.

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Lydia Nakopoulou − Monday 08 September 2008 14:24:52

Additional comment/suggestion:
After revieving the “Certification of training and expertise in Nephropathology”, he or she should attend Courses, Specialty Conferences and Case Presentations related to Renal Pathology (Native and Renal Transplant) for at least 10 hours and present the corresponding certifications every two years.

Raji Hammed Oladapo − Saturday 20 May 2017 12:29:52

very good