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Nephropathology certification programs

Similar to other subspecialties, such as cytopathology, it can be expected that certificates of proficiency will be required by health care providers in the future to document that pathologists interpreting renal biopsies are “competent” and that reimbursement with health care money is indeed justified. Although, at present it is undetermined whether such a certification will be mandated by the European Union in the near future, it seems to be advisable that the «nephropathology community» acts pro-actively and renders recommendations on how proficiency testing and certification in renal pathology should be organized. Below, please, find 3 potential scenarios that are posted for further in-depth discussion. We welcome any feed-back and encourage you to voice your opinion:

In Depth Training and Certification in «Nephropathology
(including Kidney Transplant Pathology)» , Austria, Germany, Switzerland

This curriculum is the result of a long discussion of nephropathologists from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It is mainly based on the personal experience of the involved pathologists, who have trained many fellows over the last decades.
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Requirements for the certification in nephropathology according to the
«Facultes de Medicine de Paris VI» (modified by MJM), France

This training program offers more teaching sessions in order to promote theoretical background.
At the end a final examination has to be passed.
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Requirements for the «Certification of training and expertise in Nephropatholgy»
(modified by MJM) Renal Pathology Society, USA

This training program is under discussion at the Renal Pathology Society.
It sets the highest standards for the training of nephropathologists.
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