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Slide seminar: AA amyloidosis secondary to IgG4 disease (Marian Clahsen-van Groningen)

Michael J. Mihatsch & Dusan Ferluga Award

Nomination procedure

In 2010, the “Michael J. Mihatsch and Dusan Ferluga Research Award” was founded jointly by the “Renal Pathology Society” and the “European Society of Pathology – Nephropathology Working Group”, in recognition of their contributions to renal research. The “Michael J. Mihatsch and Dusan Ferluga Research Award” was established to encourage excellence in the area of renal pathology research by younger investigators (<40 years of age). The recipients will be selected on the basis of the quality of her/his abstract(s) submitted to the ECP. Awards of €500 will be presented at the ECP, together with a certificate. The first authors of each, one abstract dealing with renal transplant pathology and one dealing with native kidney pathology, will be awarded.

The abstract review committee of the ECP will nominate at least four abstracts in each category (native kidney disease and renal transplant pathology) accepted for oral presentation at the ECP. The prize winners will then be selected by Dusan Ferluga and Michael J. Mihatsch.

Prize winners 2011

  • Marion Rabant (Paris, France)
    Histological markers of CNI nephrotoxicity: Specific or not specific?
  • Jan Hinrich Bräsen (Kiel /Germany)
    Renal retinol reabsorption is essential in tubular damage and regeneration.

Prize winners 2012

  • Ivana Simic (Heidelberg, Germany)
    Podocyte loss and glomerulosclerosis in inducible mouse model of podocin mutation-related nephrotic syndrome
  • Helmut Hopfer (Basel, Switzerland)
    Pathology of resolving polyomavirus nephropathy

Prize winners 2013

  • Dejan Dobi (Szeged, Hungary)
    Kidney allografts with biopsy features of chronic mixed rejection reflect poorer survival
    than those with pure chronic antibody-mediated rejection
  • Sabine Leh (Bergen, Norway)
    A case of glomerular basement membrane lamellation associated with mutation in the MYO1E gene and not with Alport syndrome

Prize winner 2014

  • Thorsten Wiech (Hamburg, Germany)
    Histopathological glomerular damage score predicts outcome in ANCA associated necrotising glomerulonephritis

Prize winner 2015

  • Heidi Gronseth (Bergen, Norway)
    Polyvinylpyrrolidone storage disease in oioid addicted patients.

Prize winner 2016

  • Anjali Satoskar (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.)
    Pattern of IgA and C3 staining in 76 biopsies with staphylococcus infection associated glomerulonephritis.
  • Nicolas Kozakowski (Vienna, Austria)
    The diffuse extent of peritubular capillaritis in late antibody mediated rejection is associated with more severe chronic allograft damage.

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