Pathology of Renal Transplantation

date from - to Monday 17 November 2008 − Thursday 20 November 2008
type & language Regional meeting − Spoken language: English
location “Conference Hall”, Homa Hotel, Meshkinfam St., P.O.Box: 71455., Shiraz, Iran, Islamic Republic of
organizer Middle east society for ogran transplantation
announced by Prof. Dr. Michael J. Mihatsch
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Behzad Najafian, M.D.
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, U.S.A
• Lectures (1 1/2 hours) 8-9:30
Introduction, specimen preparation and adequacy:
1. Brief historical overview of Banff and CCTT classifications
2. Guidelines for specimen preparation, fixatives, specimen allocation for light,
immunofluorescent and electron microscopy
3. Adequacy criteria for transplant biopsies
Acute Cellular Rejection
1. Brief overview of mechanisms of rejection
2. Terminology: tubulitis, interstitial lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate
3. Acute cellular rejection, CCTT criteria
4. Acute T-cell-mediated rejection, including borderlines, Banff ’97 criteria and later
modifications: t, i scores; types IA, IB
5. Special variants: plasma cell-rich, eosinophil-rich
Acute antibody-mediated rejection
1. Donor specific antibodies
2. C4d
3. Banff criteria for acute antibody-mediated rejection; types (grades) I, II, III; ptc
score; glomerulitis
Hyperacute rejection
1. Immediate hyperacute rejection
2. Delayed hyperacute rejection
• Break (15 min) 9:30-9:45
• Case Presentation and Discussion (45 min) 9:45-10:30
o Lectures (1 hour) 10:30-11:30
Chronic active T-cell-mediated rejection
Chronic active antibody-mediated rejection
1. Transplant glomerulopathy
o Definition
o Clinical course and prognosis
o Differential diagnosis
2. Peritubular capillary basement membrane multilayering
Polyomavirus nephropathy
o Discussion (30 min) 11:30-12:00
o Lunch (1 1/2 hour) 12:00-1:30
o Lectures (1 hour)
Tubular atrophy and interstitial fibrosis in allografts; Chronic allograft
nephropathy [Dr. Sallinas] (1 hour) 1:30-2:30
• Break (15 min)
• Lectures (1 ¾ hours)
Recurrent nephropathies (½ hour) 2:30-3:00)
Post-transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder (PTLD) (15 min) 3:00-3:15
Standardized reporting of transplant biopsies (½ hour) 3:15-3:45
o Case Presentation and Discussion (45 min) 3:45-4:30
o Slide Review and Adjourn – Interactive (1 hour) 4:30-5:30